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Play free online games at! Play free action games, shooting games, racing games, cricket games, dress up games, makeover games and other games.

Featured Game

Wolf Apple ShooterWolf Apple Shooter
Aim your shot and hit the arrow to break the apple and save your friend.

Action Games

Missing In ActionMissing In Action
Move your zeppelin safely, save as many passengers as you can and land safely in the landing area.
Hstkuffs BoxingHstkuffs Boxing
Use your power to punch your opponent and knock him down for the 10 count.
Ski Slope ShowdownSki Slope Showdown
Grab your gear and head to the slopes & help US SKi team to take the snowball fight & come to top.
Zombie Vs HamsterZombie Vs Hamster
Have an extra dose of fun as you get in a real tough fight between zombie and hamster.

Sports Games

Trampoline JumpingTrampoline Jumping
Jumping on a trampoline can be fun. Bust as many trampoline trickz as you can.
Show JumpingShow Jumping
Take a fun ride over a horse in this action packed game and take your horse through 4 tough levels.
Boom Boom VolleyballBoom Boom Volleyball
Get the bomb on the opposite player floor reducing their boom boom resistance.
Long JumpLong Jump
Run as fast as you can and take the longest jump possible to score high.

Puzzle Games

Absolutist JetpackAbsolutist Jetpack
Dive in to collect the parts of rocket and win the game.
Pop 60 fuel cells, by connecting 3 or more cells to launch the spaceship before time runs out.
Arcade Lines DeluxArcade Lines Delux
Align five or more pieces of the same color into horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows.
Invisible IIIInvisible III
You may not see can still kill you. With online level creation/sharing and new game mechanics!

Shooting Games

Air Defence 1Air Defence 1
Get into action, control your guns and shoot the enemies to defend your base.
Alien ShowdownAlien Showdown
Use all the weapon arsena that you got and shoot down the alien.
Mustang DogfightMustang Dogfight
Engage your enemy from the back and shoot down enemies aircraft.
Shoot BelleShoot Belle
Please be careful as any deviation will lead to the deaths of the beautiful girl in this game.

Other Games

The Bank RobberThe Bank Robber
Rob the bank and escape out of it with as less casualties as possible.
Yetis SnowballYetis Snowball
Help Yeti to balance on the snowball and reach the target jumping over all obstacles in the way.
Use your kills to hit all the coins and the flying birds with your boomerang.
Who will be a MillionaireWho will be a Millionaire
Can you reach One Million dollars in this game facing all the questions correctly?

Racing Games

Shadow FactoryShadow Factory
Explore the nuclear power plant and collect information about the radiation levels.
Max TorqueMax Torque
Race against time in this car racing game and finish off in shortest time possible.
Ice RacerIce Racer
Drive your car on the icy mountain and prevent it from crashing.
Planet RacerPlanet Racer
Its time to race for money on diffrent planets against opponents, win money, build reputation and ch

Card Games

Memory FlashMemory Flash
Test your memory in this card game, by matching the same cards.
Black JackBlack Jack
Beat the dealer by drawing cards totalling up to and including 21.
Make a bet and have fun while you play a game of poker.
Spider SolitaireSpider Solitaire
Build 8 sequences down in suit within the tableauand then move them to 18 foundations.

Adventure Games

Help Alex to find his way to home collecting gems all the way.
Click on the little chapy and make the monkey dive quickly to get more points.
Sub CommenderSub Commender
Take control of your submarine and navigate your way through rocky seabed, icebergs and other obstac
Moon Stone MadnessMoon Stone Madness
Move across your way overcoming all hazards and obstacles to advance to the next level.

Board Games

Flash LudoFlash Ludo
Play wisely and be the first one to get all four counters in the home triangle.
Clear the board of the stones and dont bring down the whole pyramid.
Dice MogulDice Mogul
It's a Board game.Click on dice to roll them when it's your turn.
Playji SudokuPlayji Sudoku
Play Sudoku online. Play this game and increase your brain quotient!

Arcade Games

Megaman PolarityMegaman Polarity
Battle your way to complete your mission in this exciting game.
Ice Break OutIce Break Out
Use your penguin to break through the ice blocks and win the game.
Magic Bounce BallMagic Bounce Ball
Bounce the ball off the ball breaking the brick wall and advancing to next stage.
Draw a path to get the red dot to the end in the shortest time possible.

Halloween Games

Headless HavocHeadless Havoc
Race around on your horse and decapitate the villagers.
Angry KidAngry Kid
Watch the choir boys and then repeat their chants.
Halloween Girl Dress-UpHalloween Girl Dress-Up
Dress up this girl in bright and spooky clothes to make her look perfect for halloween.
The Graveyard ShuffleThe Graveyard Shuffle
If you find the red ball correctly after each shuffle, you win.The shuffle speed increase with each

Christmas Games

Snow ThrowSnow Throw
Adjust the power and angle of your throw and hit the polar bear with the snowball.
Snow Board StuntsSnow Board Stunts
Jump at the right time to get as much air as possible and perform tricks to earn points.
Santa's Snow BoardsSanta's Snow Boards
Help Santa to chill out on his snowboard and jump over all obstacles.
Christmas DecorationChristmas Decoration
Click and drag items to stage and create a perfect Christmas scene.

Casino Games

Play in the casino and see if you can be lucky enough to make a fortune.
Carribean PokerCarribean Poker
Play a game of carribean poker, but be careful before betting.
Colosseum CasinoColosseum Casino
Beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 without going over and get insurance against dealers ace.
Black Jack GoldBlack Jack Gold
Try your luck by beating the dealer with a higher value hand but value less than 21.

Mario Games

Super Mario MushroomsSuper Mario Mushrooms
Race around collecting as many mushrooms as you can without getting killed.
Mario BounceMario Bounce
Keep hitting the shell consecutively as many times as possible.
Mario Super JumpMario Super Jump
Move your mouse to guide mario to jump. try to collect more coins and jump as high as possible.
Mario vs Zelda TournMario vs Zelda Tourn
It is a race between Mario and Zelda in a fantastic land.Ride with your Arrow keys.

Tennis Games

3D Tennis3D Tennis
Just beat your opponent on the grass court in this realistic 3D tennis game.
Table TennisTable Tennis
Have fun as you play a game of tennis against your opponent and defeat him.
Table TennisTable Tennis
Play a game of traditional table tennis ans use your skil to defeat your opponent.
Table Tennis-2Table Tennis-2
Use good skills and reaction to beat your opponent by earning 11 points.

Word Games

Word Game DeluxWord Game Delux
Strengthen yor vocabulary by playing this endlessly entertaining word puzzler.
Guess the hidden phrase to complete a level. Be prepared for cheers and jeers from cuddly too.
Word Search GameWord Search Game
Use your brains to find out the word and win over.
Word GrillWord Grill
Find the meaningful words as early as possible.

Cricket Games

Flash Cricket-2Flash Cricket-2
Unleash your potentials as a batsman and play a game of flash cricket.
Super SixersSuper Sixers
Adjust for the batsman and go for a super sixes in this fun filled game of cricket.
Test Catch CricketTest Catch Cricket
Test your catching skills and catch the balls thrown towards you.
Ashes 2 AshesAshes 2 Ashes
Saggy Creen wife beaters are back with Dead Ringers, take the URN and fill it with their ashes.

Golf Games

Silly GolfSilly Golf
Aim your stroke and get the ball in the flagged hole in fewest hits possible.
Golf AceGolf Ace
Swing when your aim is green & see how many holes in 1 you can before time runs out.
Golf CupGolf Cup
Help Europe retain the cup by playing each hole from a hazard & beat Americans score on the hole.
Tiny GolfTiny Golf
Aim and set the force to hit the ball and get it in the hole.

Soccer Games

Kick OffKick Off
Aim with the cross and try and beat the keeper.
Kicks For FreeKicks For Free
Slam in as many goals as possible in 3 minutes in this addictive football game.
Crossbar ChallengeCrossbar Challenge
Play for one of the top clubs and hit the crossbar from the halfway line in this football game.
Epic SoccerEpic Soccer
Select your team and win the match.

Bowling Games

Test your skills in this game of bowling. Just look where the mouse points and strike!!
Adjust your power and the position and strike a perfect shot to get all pins down.
Gutter BallGutter Ball
Set the stroke power and shot shot the ball and drop the pin as much as you can.
Disco BowlingDisco Bowling
Have fun as you play a game of bowling with some disco music and effects.

Valentine Day Games

Valentine's Day Cupids QuestValentine's Day Cupids Quest
Aim the flying hearts and help the valentiens day cupid to shoot the arrows.
Time to LoveTime to Love
Love is in the air. Choose the right outfits and accessories for the girl and add to her charm.
Set your target and power and shoot downt he hearts before they reach the ground.
Valentines Day PartyValentines Day Party
Use your dressup skill and make a cute party outfit for this girl on this valentine's day.

Chess Games

Think before you make a move. TRy your hands out in this virtual chess game.
Xiang QiXiang Qi
Play a game of chinese chess and make strategic moves.
Easy ChessEasy Chess
Play a game of easy chess against the super intelligent computer.
3D Chess3D Chess
Show your chess skills in this addicting game of 3D chess.

Pool Games

Pool JamPool Jam
Take the challenge and pocket as many balls as you can before the time runs out.
Achieve the goals of each level in a limited time in this game based on game of billiard snooker.
Pocket your set of balls and then legally pocket the 8 ball to win over the game.
Lightning BreakLightning Break
This is a pool game name as Lightning Break and is based on snooker. Pot red and color balls altern

Baseball Games

Target PracticeTarget Practice
Defeat Steve in his batting skills and have a ball time as a pitcher.
USA BaseballUSA Baseball
Test your batting skills and hit the ball to score high.
Pinch HitterPinch Hitter
Aim your target and strike the ball to get a home run.
Destruction League BaseballDestruction League Baseball
Use your time and power to set your goals and hit the targetted areas.

Basket Ball Games

Net Blazer BasketballNet Blazer Basketball
Make your way round 3 point perimeter and make as many shots as possible before time expires.
Quick ShotQuick Shot
Get as many balls as you can in the basket before the time expires.
Basketball ChallengeBasketball Challenge
Balance the ball on the pad, without letting it fall down and hit it in a way to score a basket.
Free SlowFree Slow
Aim your shot and score as many baskets as you can.

Wrestling Games

Monster Pool Side SumoMonster Pool Side Sumo
With summers here, enjoy this poolsode water splashing fun and win this sumo fest.
Sumo WrestlingSumo Wrestling
Show your power and knock down your opponent in this interactive sumo wrestling game.
Take a sumo soccer wedgy challenge and get all 11 members of the wrestling football team in posiiton
Smash SumoSmash Sumo
Throw your weight around sumo-style and get ready for flesh slapping battles

Dress Up Games

Dress to RockDress to Rock
Pick up the right pieces of dress and dress up to rock.
Winter Girl Make UpWinter Girl Make Up
Get the girl dressed up for winters and save her from chilly weather.
Holiday GirlHoliday Girl
The girl is all set for a holiday mood. Just team up her spirits with the right cloth and accessorie
Eva Mendis DressupEva Mendis Dressup
Its time to use your skill to dress up this beautiful actress of the "Last Night" fame.

Barbie Games

Cute Barbie Dress UpCute Barbie Dress Up
Its the ever cute barbie once again. Choose the right make to add to her charm.
Barbie BeyonceBarbie Beyonce
Use your talents and choose the right make up for the stunning Beyonce Knowles.
Barbie PrincessBarbie Princess
Choose the right attire and accessories for the adorable Barbie and add to her beauty.
Design Barbie DressesDesign Barbie Dresses
Be a designer and design your own clothes for barbie.

Girls Games

The ApprenticeThe Apprentice
Show your wits and smartness to run the L.A's best sushi bars and ge hired for the job.
Oriental Flirting GameOriental Flirting Game
Its time to make the boys fall in love with you. Click on the heart above the progress bar to fill t
Monkey KartMonkey Kart
Drive your car, overcome all obstacles and take the power ups to win over the race.
Suzi's Restaurant RumbleSuzi's Restaurant Rumble
Manage your own restaurant! Make all your customers happy with food and services.

Funny Games

The Great EscapeThe Great Escape
Its time to help the cow by collecting as many food items as you can and get it to the fair.
Click your gun and shoot the cub as far as possible before it falls ot the ground.
Big AirBig Air
Use right and left arrow to navigate, up and down arrow to control speed ..
Mushus Rocket RushMushus Rocket Rush
Set the power to shoot the Mushus as far as you can.

Makeover Games

Modern Room MakeoverModern Room Makeover
Click on the icons to choose from the variety of items and give a modern look to the room.
Autumn Ranch makeoverAutumn Ranch makeover
The scene is beatiful. All you need to do is add to the beauty of this scene.
Use your creativity to color this beautiful picture.
Best Interior Design-Emo EditionBest Interior Design-Emo Edition
Help Erika to do a complete makeover of her room and put everything in order so she makes it to her

War Games

Guardian PoponGuardian Popon
Save your base and sink the enemies ship by throwing bombs on them at random.
Sub WarsSub Wars
Get into the mission, maintain oxygen supply & destroy as many ships & submarines as possible.
Sky FightersSky Fighters
Get into the fight, survive as long as you can & destroy as many enemies as possible.
Get on your mission, kill big "eyed" Cyclops and take revenge of innocent killings by slaughtering t

Solitaire Games

Have fun all the while u indulge in this simple game of solitaire.
Show your skills in this game of stringing the cards before the time runs out.
Create a strings of cards that are one higher or one lower than your active card and win over the ga
Arkadium Spider SolitaireArkadium Spider Solitaire
Have fun all the way you use your wits to play a game of spider solitaire.

Car Games

Mini BusMini Bus
Control your van and race it against time to finish three laps.
Drive and DodgeDrive and Dodge
Control your car in the foursquare track and pick up all the flag overcoming enemies that try to ram
Parking Lot 3Parking Lot 3
Its your turn to show your parking skills and park it without hitting the obstacles in your way.
Caravan ParkingCaravan Parking
Park the caravan at the reserved park area nd try to park it in all 3 lvels to win over.

Strategy Games

The Commander's SisterThe Commander's Sister
Prevent the enemy troops of being able to reach the northern part of map by building torrents.
The BattleThe Battle
Create an army with the money you have & wipe out the enemy and their fort.
Final FortressFinal Fortress
As ranked Seargent, prevent your city from the enemies trying to attack the nuclear reactor.
Ultimate Defense 2Ultimate Defense 2
Have fun as you play this tower defense game with a fun twist on the tower.

Fighting Games

Final FightFinal Fight
Walk down the street but beware of the marching enemies. Defeat them in the final fight.
Help Romanius to defeat the Cyclops brother and bring them down to their knees.
Pencak SilatPencak Silat
Use your martial arts skill to defeat your opponent and be the defender of motherland.
The Fighter TrainningThe Fighter Trainning

Bike Games

Super BikeSuper Bike
Finish each track in the shortest possible time keeping the balance.
Bike ChallengeBike Challenge
Control your bike and race over hurdles that come your way.
BMX Pro StyleBMX Pro Style
Ride your bike and perform tricks as you jump over the obstacles that come your way.
Bike Mania 5Bike Mania 5
Show your skills on the bike surmounting all obstacles that comes your way.

Love Games

Love TetrisLove Tetris
Have fun as a you play a game of love tetris arranging the falling pieces.
Kiss In OfficeKiss In Office
Make the best of the opportunity and kiss your beloved as much as you can.
Man JealousMan Jealous
Get your cameras ready and transform into detective jealous and catch your partner in the act.
Funny ElevatorFunny Elevator
What goes up must get down and funny. Lift your spirits high with this funny elevator and get into s

Skateboard Games

Skateboard CitySkateboard City
Show your skills ont he skateboard, race through the city and complete the mission to win over.
Sonic Snow BoardSonic Snow Board
Get your score high before you run out of ramps to jump off. Be further up the rmap to perform a bet
Downhill Joe GameDownhill Joe Game
Help Joe to race the bottom of the hill avoiding all the obstacles that comes his way.
Xtreme SkateboardingXtreme Skateboarding
Help the mouse to do some tricks with his skateboard to collect points.

Cooking Games

Fish FryFish Fry
Pick a fish, grill it and serve it to the customer before the time runs out.
Identify the desired food sought by the customer,grill them perfectly and reach the target.
Hungry HalieHungry Halie
Hailey is very hungry. Prepare a hot dog with just the right ingredients and serve it to her.
Shaquitas Ice Cream ParlorShaquitas Ice Cream Parlor
Choose your customers, look for their order and serve them the icecream of their choice.

Bratz Games

Yasmin Bratz DressupYasmin Bratz Dressup
Help out the cool bratz girl to choose the right outfit for herself.
Sasha Bratz DressupSasha Bratz Dressup
Set your skills to fire, by dressing the bratz girl in the best of outfits.
Sues Dating DressupSues Dating Dressup
Click and choose the right outfit to prepare Sue for a date before the time runs out.
Bratz Flower Girl DressupBratz Flower Girl Dressup
Its time to let your imagination flow and prepare the bratz flower girl for a fashion show.

3D Games

3D Tris3D Tris
Have fun as you play a game of 3D tetris and check how long you last in the game.
Foot BowlFoot Bowl
Have fun as you play bowling with a football.
Golf Master-3DGolf Master-3D
Play a ball from the teeing ground into the hole by successive strokes.
Crazy RunningCrazy Running
Help your man get through some very dangerous mazes and win the Race!

Kids Games

Vantage Point Instant RecallVantage Point Instant Recall
Memorize the face and test your memory skills in this fun filled game.
Cow FighterCow Fighter
Mike Bison is back against every bull to regain his lost honor. Defeat all your opponents and become
Kookin KidzKookin Kidz
Help the witch to collect all innocent kids and prepare a boiled kids stew for her lunch.
Ultimate RescueUltimate Rescue
Navigate your plane and rescue animals to collect points.
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